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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Jul 10, 2018

Doris came up through the mud, but it has long since been washed away to reveal the diamonds. This hope inspiring interview will fill you with a new perspective on humanity, compassion, and what God can do in a life! Here are some of the things we chatted about: Fun things coming up in Napa, (4:56) Why there's no perfect home,(5:30) Why we measure our lives by comparison, (6:10) How Doris came up through the mud, (7:15) Figuring out childhood trauma as an adult, (8:55) Moving beyond yesterday and into the future "Yesterday is old news!" (9:24) Don't chase the mud of yesterday, (10:15) Finding acceptance & community that she'd never experienced before changed her life as a child, (12:10) *trigger warning* Just one example of how God MIRACULOUSLY saved her life after being drugged & kidnapped, (16:58) Being a foster mom to 100+ teen boys and creating the home she wanted as a child, (18:26) A foster story 10 years in the making that makes her cry, (24:10) Lack of education & why most people assume that she has much more education that she actually does, (25:28) The only difference between her and the person on the couch, (26:18) Life is never wasted. There are no throwaway kids, no throwaway people, and (27:36) Why Doris has so much hope for the future of America!