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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Sep 5, 2018

The amount of actions that your subconscious mind is responsible for is crazy.  Your conscious mind only handles a small part of all the decision making and actions daily. Here's how & when the subconscious is formed, how & why you can change your beliefs and how you can purposefully capitalize on using brain waves, whether your goal is creativity or rest! 

Today's topics include: Forming of subconscious, conscious decisions, changing limiting beliefs, free will, limiting beliefs in marriage, brain waves

Action: Write down 3 subconscious beliefs that were engrained before you were 6 years old. 

Resource: Spotify playlists according to brain wave speed -- 

For creativity, work, study, choose

Beta Brain Waves

Beta Waves Brain Power Vital Energy

Brainwaves Beta

Study - Deep Concentration

For calm or rest choose

Alpha Brainwaves Music

Alpha Brainwaves Music

For sleep

Search playlists with Theta or Delta Brain Waves