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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Sep 6, 2018

You are a brain surgeon.  When you wake up everyday, you literally get to sculpt the physical structure of your brain by choosing your thoughts. In this episode, we cover the body's physical responses to negative vs. positive thoughts down to a cellular and molecular level! It's fascinating to see how even water responds very differently to positive vs. negative influences which gives us a clue to the incredible power of thought on our bodies-- because we are mostly made out of water!

Today's topics include: brain's structural response to love vs. fear based thoughts, a tip to change a fear thought, cell growth state vs protective state, impact of negative and positive influence on the molecular structure of water, Emoto's water experiments

Action Step: Take every thought captive. If you identify a fear based thought, use gratitude to flip that thought to love based. 


1) "Yield" Stainless Steel Sculpture by Roxie Paine at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. (resembles brain structure of a fear based thought). Interestingly, the artist describes it as a "dendroid" and not a tree. Thought structures are called "dendrites."


2) Pictures of water molecule experiment with Dr. Masaru Emoto. How does negative vs. positive influence affect the structure of water molecules?

3 minute YouTube Video

Photos of Emoto's results