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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Jan 10, 2019

Her daring cross country move to Hollywood at only 23 years of age brought Freelance Creative Director Tiffani Tyler amazing opportunities to work with companies like WNBA and Lewis Howes: School of Greatness.  Every week, Tiffani gets to film and hear the top 1% of achievers in their fields and the knowledge that she has gleaned from this combination of experiences is so vast! In this episode aimed at young creatives, entrepreneurs and business owners, Tiffani gets real about the skills you need to know they aren't taught, the most life-impacting interview she's filmed, and what every creative needs after they start to make a living with their art. 

Some of the topics we touched on are: 

-Why an unconventional education matters

-Taking a leap of faith

-Timing is crucial

-The wrong way to network

-Lone wolf mentality

-Redefining failure

-Everybody's "couch" days

-Most important thing young entrepreneurs need to know

-Grow by saying no

-Value of $50 days

-Most life-changing interview

-The days when no one calls

-Message on her heart

-Next interview

-What every creative needs when they start to make money off their art


Follow along with Tiffani's journey at IG @tifftylerflim 



The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Hollywood Game Plan: How to Land a Job in Film, TV, and Digital Entertainment: Carole M. Kirschner

E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast: Six Steps to Your Best Year of Leadership Part 1 

School of Greatness: Leslie Odom Jr. "The Art of Booking Gigs" Podcast