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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Sep 5, 2019

Brian Dixon has helped literally thousands of messengers & authors grow in their craft through Hopewriters and his clarity coaching. Today he joined us to share practical ways we can be cultural architects, build the life we want by focusing on the people closest to us first and also a few fantastic tips for want-to-be authors! I just ordered his brand new book "Start With Your People" today and I hope you will too! You also do not want to miss his "kitchen fail" story -- I am still laughing about it! 

"What’s obvious to you is magic to other people."

Follow Brian's journey on IG at @brianjdixon where he loves to answer his DM's! 

Resources mentioned in today's show include: 

-Order Start With Your People at to get the bonus features! 

-30 second quiz for writers: 

"Poverty, Riches and Wealth: Moving from a Life of Lack into True Kingdom Abundance" by Kris Vallotton

Kris Vallotton Podcast "Becoming a Cultural Architect"