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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Oct 17, 2019

Wow wow wow. This podcast ranks high among my favorites ever.  Therapist and author Jay Stringer explores the world of unwanted sexual behavior (pornography, infidelity, and buying sex) with such grace and gentleness, showing us that these behaviors are actually invitations to finding healing and wholeness. We talk about how these unwanted behaviors are not random, they have specific root causes, about how the church and secular "treatments" haven't been effective and why, about how we don't have a "lust management" problem but a heart problem usually related to anger or power, what to do when you find out a spouse is using pornography, how we can grow up in abuse without ever being touched, and how our culture, even our language perpetuates violence against and degradation of women. This chat will enlighten, challenge, and hopefully encourage you to find the way to healing and encourage those around you to do the same!

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"Unwanted: How Sexual Brokeness Reveals Our Way to Healing" by Jay Stringer