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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Apr 3, 2020

Wow, when I hit record two months ago while John Lynch and I were having a conversation about being blindsided, we hadn't heard a thing about COVID19 or the economy collapsing or American grinding to a halt.  But, the words and the prayer spoken at that time have never been more timely for today. As you listen to this podcast, may you be reminded that God is ever-present in the midst of the beauty and the rubble. 

"The best life, the greatest life, is not the pristine life, the fully satiated life, the fixed life, the neatly ordered life. The best life is the real one with God receiving glory as you trust him, enjoy him and others amidst the beauty and the rubble." - John Lynch 

Romans 8:28  God refashions all of the evil on this planet that hits all of us and employs it to give us an even better life than if it had never happened.