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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Sep 11, 2018

Our series is over, but I just couldn't leave this out! You are so contagious! Learn why it's so easy to catch emotions and attitudes within 2 minutes of being around someone and how it's possible that we are affecting an estimated 1,000 people every day...and it all originates with our thought life. Your thoughts are affecting your world more than you know, even down to future generations. Your influence is powerful.

Today's topics include: mirror neurons, our brain's ability to recognize emotion/energy within the blink of an eye, how we can "catch" an attitude from another person within just 2 minutes, leadership's impact on contagious thoughts, how you are affecting 1,000 people ever day

Action step: "Infect" other people with a smile today--give away a smile and hope it reaches 1,000 people!


Check out this brilliant comedian who doesn't even need to speak to make you laugh, Lee Ridley "The Lost Voice Guy." Hoping this infects you with joy!