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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Oct 25, 2018

From working in the White House to moving into women's ministry and being a newlywed, Denise Gitsham Jones is full of rich wisdom to share about tackling transitions well, feeling unqualified, and why we must fight for abundance in our lives, not just settle.    

Some of the topics we touched on were: 

-How past doesn't indicate your future

-Maintaining identity while shifted assignments (Also a bit about personality tests!)

-What surprises her most about being involved in women's ministry

-Why every story matters, even those who seem "boring"

-Why we must FIGHT for abundance

-How to work through feeling unqualified & imposter syndrome

-What truly disqualifies a leader

-Struggles as a 1st generation American

-Navigating politics in a divided world

-The third option

-Who Denise believes we should really be hearing from 


"Unqualified: How God Uses Broken People to Do Big Things" by Steven Furtick

"The Third Option: Hope for a Racially Divided Nation" by Miles McPherson

Follow Denise's journey on IG at @dggitsham and look for her speaking in your area!