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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Nov 8, 2018

From pastoring young business women in the heart of San Francisco to being a strategist for Grit & Virtue, influence and mentoring are two major parts of Kimberly Saquing's life. I'm so glad we had a chance to sit down with her and dig deeper into what women are needing in our current culture.

Some of the topics we touched on were: 

-The true root of influence (this changed my social media strategy)

-What we need to teach the younger generation

-The most surprising discovery in her research for Grit & Virtue (and it's probably not what you would expect!)

-Why women feel disconnected from each other in today's world

-What our soul really needs

-How to look for a mentor

-The importance of making the next generation stronger

-The power of telling stories

-Why some leaders don't really have influence

-Leading through vulnerability

-Tips for being a good mentee 



"A Creative Minority: Influencing Culture Through Redemptive Participation" by Jon Tyson & Heather Grizzle

"Leaders Eat Last" by Simon Sinek

Follow Kim's journey on IG at @kimberly.saquing!