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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Nov 23, 2018

This conversation with inspirational podcaster Carrie Robaina took us to some really interesting topics...and ones that we should probably spend more time talking about! Carrie is the one that ultimately helped me launch my podcast, so I was so curious about what she's learned through years of podcasting. 


Some of the topics we touched on were: 

-Why she closed down her first successful podcast

-The hardest part of starting a podcast

-What she's learned from years of interviewing women

-One of her most unforgettable episodes (She Walks in Truth Podcast Episode 57

-Racial issues within the church

-A personal encounter with racism

-Why we need to have the hard conversations

-Life changing revelations in grad school

-Overcoming denominational division

-Finding her place as a woman in ministry

-Questions that led her to conclusions about women in ministry

-What she's seeing in women today

-The message on Carrie's heart

-Whom we should interview next


Resources mentioned:

She Walks In Truth Episode with Chastity Stemmons (57)

Divided by Faith: Evangelical Religions and the Problem of Race in America by Michael Emerson & Christian Smith

Women of Destiny by Cindy Jacobs

How I Changed my Mind about Women in Leadership: Compelling Stories from Prominent Evangelicals by Zondervan, Alan F. Johnson, Dallas Willard

Propel Wheaton Cohort (Grad School) 


Follow Carrie's journey at & find her podcast She Walks in Truth Podcast