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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Jan 17, 2019

"When you stall healing, you stall growth and even worse stall purpose."  

"Do the heart work." That is the hard work that healing specialist Monique Melton had devoted her life to. Today she shares about how we can know if we need healing, what keeps most people from getting healed, her own dark, personal struggle that turned her pain into purpose and we how we can be honor all of humanity. 

"People say time heals.  No. Intentional work over time heals."

Some of the topics we touched on are: 

 -Warning signs that healing is needed

-How to handle hard discoveries about ourselves

-How busy-ness can indicate more below the surface

-Serving to your detriment

-What keeps us from getting healed

-Purpose comes through pain

-We can't rush the process

-The "Baking Season"

-Her struggle with Postpartum Mood Disorder

-An invitation to explore deeper

-Dealing with heart pain

-What does unity look like? 

-Keeping love, respect, and dignity even when we disagree

-Losing our humanity

-Why the heart work matters


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