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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Feb 21, 2019

Acknowledging your own pain and showing yourself compassion is the first step to emotional healing. In this unique episode, Gayle Belanger, a addiction and PTSD counselor for almost 30 years, actually leads us through an exercise to show compassion to ourselves (at 39:00). Gayle is not just any counselor, she's MY counselor and I wanted to share with you the tools she's been teaching me that have been bringing healing to my life and I think could do the same for you! In this episode we talk about standing in our true identity, how self compassion brings healing, silencing that inner critic, being rooted & grounded in Jesus and His word, and redeeming all the gifts inside you -- even the ones you don't like! It is my prayer that this episode will open up worlds of healing for you that you didn't even know existed and that it will help you begin to walk in who you truly are, not limited by your past wounds and the world that daily tries to bring us down! 

Note: When you hear us say "meditation", it's just a simple time of sitting with Jesus and receiving His love. Not sure if I said that!

"If the soul is leading and your wounded, human self is in charge, then all of those toxic emotions are going into the body." 

"Don’t hate yourself, don’t hate any part of yourself, find ways to embrace all of the parts you don’t like."

Some of the other topics we touched on are:

-Stigma surrounding getting counseling

-True Identity

-Safe healing of younger self

-How this technique healed me (Julie) after a trauma

-What is self compassion?

-Silencing the inner critic

-Observing ourselves

-Learning to die daily

-True self vs. human self

-3 forms of sanctification

-How proper alignment rewires our brain

-What happens when our wounded soul leads

-Disease and the body

-Getting blindsided

-Growing in resiliency 

-Acknowledge pain begins healing

-No regret

-Being centered and grounded in Jesus

-Fear vs. love base (get vs. give)

-Embracing hard, unexpected changes as an upgrade

-Redeeming our lost gifts

-Self hate

-Perfectionism vs. excellence

-Self Compassion Exercise (39:00)


-The message on Gayle's heart

-Whom we should interview next



"Live Free: The Inner Journey to Healing" by Gayle Belanger


Follow along with Gayle's journey & find out more info at Live Free, on Facebook or on IG at @livefreeministry