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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Mar 1, 2019


"The more and more we’re in these times of waiting, we can root down more into our identity and remember that no matter how this situation turns out, we are still beloved, we are still planned for, we are still accepted, and that our worth is not in question."  

This former zookeeper turned Project Manager for Trueface (and throw in a little book sculpture :), really pulls back to curtains to go where not many are willing to -- to the depths of talking about identity, the struggle of being in the middle and how to wait well in that darkness, dealing with anxiety, and why rest in hard. She shares about the main reason millennials are struggling with making real connections and being seen and known.  So grateful for this very REAL chat with Brittany!

"If we practice transparency by saying lots of facts, but not really inviting anyone into the struggle, the joys, to walk with us in THAT, then we’re not going to really experience the kind of relationships we were literally made for."

"Have gentle curiosity about yourself."

Some of the other topics we touched on are:

-The growing challenges of podcasting

-The advantages of multiple perspectives

-What's AMAZING about the animal she chose to talk about

-How to wait well "in the middle"

-Grace for not being perfect in the middle

-How identity changes the way we wait

-Fear response

-The beauty of waiting in the dark

-The difficulty with resting

-Struggling sinner or saint who still sins?

-Living out of our true identity


-An anxious person vs. feeling anxious 

-Why logic doesn't change emotions

-Having gentle curiosity

-Transparency vs. Vulnerability

-Millennial struggles

-Saying facts vs. inviting someone into the struggle

-Living out true identity


-The life-changing message on Brittany's heart

-Whom we should interview next



IG: @storybooksculpture

Trust for Today by Trueface

The Cure: What if God isn't who you think He is and neither are you? by Trueface, Bruce McNicol, John Lynch and Bill Thrall

Incourage: Raising Daughters Rooted in Grace by Terra Mattson

Unwanted: How Sexual Brokenness Reveals our Way to Healing by Jay Stringer


Follow along with Brittany's journey & find out more info at the Trueface Website, IG @truefacelife FB True Face Community