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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Mar 7, 2019

“If God had opened the door when I thought He should have, it would have been a complete train wreck.”

This episode is for every person who is in a time of waiting, in the middle where it seems so dark & you can’t see the vision come to pass yet! Jessie Seneca, founder of More of Him Ministries & “She Leads” Conference was "in the wait" for twelve long years as she struggled with illness and God was building something in her. But now on the other side of that promise fulfilled, she’s encountered more than she could ever imagine!  In today’s 🎉 new podcast, 🎉 she shares tips for waiting well, what God is developing in you in the “middle”, wisdom bombs 💣💥 for leaders and why we can look forward with expectant hope for all He has ahead for you! 


Some topics we touched on include: 

-Sign of a good leader

-Small beginnings

-Struggles with Cushing’s Disease

-How her testimony was built in the psychiatric hospital

-The 12 year wait from pit to promise

-Being willing to speak to one

-Our part in obedience

-How the past builds today

-God’s timing matters


-How to wait well

-What to do next

-What is built in you in the wait


-Leadership stance

-Why teams are necessary

-Embracing the wait

-Message on Jessie’s heart

-Whom we should interview next


Resources mentioned: 

SHE Leads Leadership Conference

Abound:A Call to Purposeful Servant Leadership by Jessie Seneca 

Joseph: A Life of Rejection, Resilience and Respect by Jessie Seneca

The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make by Hans Finzel

The Four Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership: The Power of Leading from Your Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength by Jenni Catron

YOU Lead Conference: Growing Every Woman's Leadership Potential

Living Proof Ministries with Beth Moore

Going Beyond Live with Priscilla Shirer

Ministry to Women: The Essential Guide for Leading in the Local Church by Kelly King


Follow Jessie’s journey at and Jessie Seneca on FB and IG!