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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Mar 14, 2019

How can women overcome their fears of connecting with other women? How can we enable each other to walk in the unique callings on our lives with confidence and without comparison? Heather Estebez tackles these questions and more in this week’s podcast! Learn more about her testimony, why every person’s reaction is not about us, her first super scary speaking assignment, doing it afraid, how walking in our true calling frees others to do the same, how to find your tribe, and why personality is never an excuse for poor behavior! You will also get to hear about our most embarrassing mis-text mistakes! lol! 

Some of the topics we touched on are: 

-Heather's story 

-Her dramatic turn away from drugs and gangs

-Heart for missions

-Connecting with other women

-First scary speaking assignment

-Why "their" actions are not all about you

-Loving wounded people

-American women's culture vs. global women's culture

-Just do you!

-Don't give up

-Finding the confidence to walk in our calling

-Finding inspiration

-Proximity is power

-Do it afraid

-Our freedom helps others to be free

-Maturing in having a big personality

-Learning to be okay with yourself  when you're not like everybody else

-Resources for growth 

-The message on Heather's heart

-Whom we should interview next


Resources mentioned: 

Ramos Ministries (You can also follow Joanne on IG at @joanneinthecity )


The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: It's Not About the Money. It's About Being the Best You Can Be! by Gary Keller

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Dr. Caroline Leaf Podcast

Next Level Living Podcast by Chrissy Helmer

Follow Heather's Journey on IG at @mama_estebez or @realtorheatherkw or on FB at Heather Lindsey Estebez