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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Apr 25, 2019

“The day before I went to jail, I was laying on the floor of our empty apartment with no where to go and I was asking God to kill me.  I didn’t want to live anymore. There was no hope in my life. I ended up in jail and it was the best thing that could have happened to me because it saved my life.”

*Trigger Warning — sensitive content* Abuse. Addiction. Jail. Recovery. Redemption. Today, you’ll hear Roxanne Wilson’s powerful testimony — how she walked through hell, came out on the other side, and how God is now using her story to help women uncover their true identities! Hear her survival story, how jail saved her life, the hardest part of forgiving yourself, how to see yourself differently & to begin shifting your identity. I also accidentally preached a message about finding your identity in this podcast! 😂

“I could grab ahold of all the things they told me when I got saved. I could believe that. But there was one problem and that was…..forgiving myself. I knew what I had done.”

"Don't trade your authenticity for approval."


We also touched on these topics: 

-Living behind a mask

-Introduction to foster care system

-The day that changed her life forever

-Repeating patterns of blueprints established in her early life like drug use and loving men in prison

-Deep desperation that ultimately landed her in jail

-The moment of awakening in jail

-The hardest part of her new life

-Looking in the mirror

-Knowing who you are

-How to rewrite your story, your name

-Learning to love yourself

-Finding identity in the hidden places


-Trading authenticity for approval

-What's on Roxanne's heart

-Next interview


You can follow Roxanne's journey on FB at Roxanne McKane Wilson


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