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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

May 2, 2019

"The doctors came in and said “He’s sicker today than he was yesterday. At some point today we need to turn off life support."  I needed to call my friends and family and let them know that this was the last day he would live."

Throughout 394 days of hospitalization, fighting impossible odds and spending many days at death's door, Beth Armstrong tells the story of how her faith and trust in God grew through the storm of her husband's health tragedy turned testimony. In today's chat, we talk about Beth's journey, trusting God through the unknown, the little things, what to do if you need a miracle and not just walking through a storm but bearing fruit from it.  

"God can use all of it, whether it’s a small inconvenience or a huge hurricane sized storm that you didn’t see coming. He can use it, even though it doesn’t feel good, for your good."

Some other topics we touched on were: 

-total surrender leads to transformation

-perspective shifts

-Chris on life support

-facing 90% odds of mortality

-peace beyond understanding

-trusting God

-what to do if you need a miracle

-why God cares about big needs AND small needs

-learning something from your difficulty and bearing fruit in the storm

-why roots grow in the dark places

-message on Beth's heart

-whom we should interview next


Follow Beth's journey at or on FB at Beth Armour Armstrong


Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Link for $5 off Flourish Health Summit 


"Rooted in the Storm: A 61-day Devotional of Faith" by Beth Armstrong

"Growing Roots for a Mission Driven Life: My Life as a Mustard Seed (Vol 1)" by Beth Armstrong

"Growing Roots for a Mission Driven Life: Planted in Good Soil (Vol 2)" by Beth Armstrong