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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

May 16, 2019

The only constant in life is change. But why is it so hard? I am honored to have CSULA professor & social innovation expert, Dr. Marla Parker, here to show us how to navigate challenging shifts well and why it's necessary to respond to God's call for change in our lives. Dr. Parker shares some excellent examples of responses to change, healthy steps to navigate the disequilibrium we feel, why we MUST have a new view of ourselves to step into the next level of our life and what concerns and encourages her most about millennials! 

Other topics we touched on were: 

-Can introverts be leaders?

-One teacher's impact

-Why is it important to respond to calls for change?

-An elegant, biblical model for response to change

-Navigating disequilibrium

-Why change requires rest

-Embracing a new view of ourselves

-The fears she's had to shed to grow

-What concerns her most about what she's seeing in college age students today. 

-The most encouraging characteristic of the upcoming generation

-Message on her heart/call on her life

-Whom we should interview next (see below for list of amazing people and resources she mentioned in the show). 



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Resources/People mentioned in the show:

Jobelle Gacuya with HMNTY

Ann Marie Williams with Public Words Project (on IG)

Lisa Baxter with After School All Stars

Conaxion or @Conaxion on Twitter

Dr. Dmetri Seals 

Chrystal Parker with Craft Spirits Week June 16 - 22

Dr. Chris Hayter

Dr. April Jackson

Monique Melton - author, speaker, relationship & diversity coach, Anti racism Mastermind 

Ramona Wright