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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

May 31, 2019

At the age of 9, little Anna Lebaron had 49 siblings. But even after growing up in a violent polygamist cult constantly on the run from the law, her life today is a true testament to the possibility of finding hope, healing and true identity after childhood trauma and neglect. In today's podcast (and her book "The Polygamist's Daughter"), Anna holds out hope for every person who feels too broken to ever be whole again.

Some of the topics we touched on were: 

-Life in a polygamist cult

-How poverty and polygamy affected her walk with God

-Effect of fatherlessness

-Pursuing healing and freedom

-Finding true comfort 

-Turning to food for comfort/losing weight

-Self care to combat PTSD

-Why this memoir matters

-Every person's potential for healing

-The length of the healing process

-What does freedom actually mean? 

-Being who we are destined to become

-When God's spirit is near

-"You're right here."

-Experiencing the fathering heart after fatherlessness 

-How to hear God speak

-Message on Anna's heart

-You can hear God

-You can heal

-Doing our part

-Who we should interview next

-The power of telling your own story and transitioning it from the inside to the outside

-Taking the next right step


Follow along with Anna's journey at her website or social media sites at @annaklebaron


Resources mentioned in today's episode: 

"The Polygamist's Daughter: A Memoir" by Anna LeBaron

Bob Hamp

Foundations of Freedom by Bob Hamp

"Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovered our Hidden Life in God" by Dallas Willard