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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Jun 13, 2019

More than ever, women feel alone and are longing for deep and supportive friendships. But how do we get there? How do we find that "girl gang" to cheer us on in life? Caitlin Zick, co-director of Moral Revolution, stops by today to chat about the "honesty room", all access pass and how we can be intentional about building the communities that we desperately need.  We'll talk about her new book "Look at You, Girl", the vocabulary we need to have in-depth conversations, the cost of the "busy" badge, tips to go from strangers to sisters and why owning your story matters. 

Some of the other topics we chatted about include: 

-What is Moral Revolution? 

-Why they are labeled as "the sex pastors"

-The dream in teenager Caitlin's heart

-Why "Look at you, Girl" was written

-Why are the eyes closed on the front cover if we're supposed to be looking?

-Friendships that push you out of the boat

-How do we begin transforming inside instead of outside?

-Identifying labels and lies you've lived under

-Sourcing the lies

-Being comfortable in our own skin

-What it takes to go from strangers to sisters

-DTR - Defining moments

-Honesty Room 

-The cost of being "too busy"

-Being Intentional

-How to ask real questions

-Breakfast Club

-Giving the all access pass

-Using our story intentionally to help others


Resource discussed in this episode: 

"Look at You, Girl: Kickstart to seeing yourself the way God does" by Caitlin Zick

Moral Revolution

"Leap Into Love" 20 day study with Havilah Cunnington

The Connected Life Podcast by Justin & Abi Stumvall