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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Jun 20, 2019

Out of all the episodes I've recorded, Misty Phillip's story is one that I've probably reflected on about most since recording it.  Misty has faced her share of life challenges; losing a child to Trisomy 18, a broken childhood, caring for a special needs child, and one of her most formidable foes, breaking both arms at the same time and spending a year in recovery. In spite of all of this, her life's message is about overcoming! She shares tips for those of us who feel stuck, what matters most in overcoming, explains how her creative mastermind went from 2 people to 70 and lets us in on the secrets of successful creatives. Find out what "crack time" is and why collaborating with creatives who are in different fields than you matters. 


In this episode, we also chat about: 

- transitioning from learner to teacher

- adult children 

-why God's timing matters

-why she wrote "The Struggle is Real, But So Is God"

-living a defeated Christian life

-the hardest thing to overcome in her life

-what she learned when she literally couldn't do anything for herself

-definition of grace

-being loved for who we are, not what we do

-finding a support system

-building a creative mastermind from 2 - 70 people

-why in person connection matters

-why we need variety

-an author who can't type

-tips for producing work in the creative field

-batch processing

-crack time

-what she would say to someone who feels that they will never overcome

-tips for weathering hard times


Follow Misty's journey at or all social media channels at her name


Resources mentioned in this episode: 

"The Struggle is Real, But So Is God" by Misty Phillip

"Listener's Audio Bible" by Max McLean

"His Girls Gather" FB Community by Susan B. Mead

She Speaks Conference by Proverbs 31 Ministries

Compel Training for writing 

Declare Conference & Podcast

Hope Writers with Brian Dixon