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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Jul 10, 2019

"Please know that you can trust Him to be faithful and He will bring about and accomplish all that He has promised you."

In today's chat we tackle one of the biggest and most controversial issues in the church -- women in leadership-- and so much more! Dear friend & Pastor Tom Stonecipher dares to jump in to bring some biblical clarity to how and why we should support leaders & their authority regardless of their gender. He shares about Jesus's view of women, why women sometimes make better pastors, practical advice for husbands to support their wives, why timing matters and why we can trust God! The whole thing is great, but if you only have a few minutes, skip to minute 32:00 where the absolute gold unfolds! If you're a woman who feels called, but stuck, listening to this last part is an absolute MUST!!

Other topics mentioned in this chat include:

-What conservative religious traditions typically believe about women

-The surprising division surrounding this topic

-How Jesus viewed women

-Why football & jeans almost cost a bible school admission

-Why women are uniquely qualified as pastors

-Needing ALL parts of the body

-Deborah in Judges 4, her husband & her servant leadership

-Submitting to authority, no matter the gender

-Evidence that Jesus intentionally supported women in leadership

-Would Tom vote for a woman president? Why or why not?

-Practical advice for husbands & wives supporting each other's leading


-The importance of "workable fire"

-The three C's of support

-Why a season isn't permanent

-Being stretched in waiting

-God's time table vs. our time table

-A word for women who feel called, but feel stuck where they are

-Staying the course


Follow Tom's journey on IG at @ranchopreacher or listen to his sermons at Rancho Christian Center 


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Rancho Christian Center

Cherish Ministry for Pregnant Teens & Young Moms with Rachel Tucker

"Why Not Women: A Biblical Study of Women in Missions, Ministry & Leadership" by Loren Cunningham