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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

May 28, 2020

~ Income generated from the child sex trafficking industry is greater than that of the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB combined.

~ 750,000 pedophiles per second online.

~ 48,000% increase in child porn

~ the only number going down is the age of the children.

In Part 1, Amanda Florczykowski's told the story of her first encounter...

May 15, 2020

"Saw bye-bye to mommy," the stranger mocked as she yanked Amanda's 3 yr old daughter away from her at the local grocery store. This was Amanda Florczykowski's first encounter with a child sex trafficking ring and it happened in their small town. 

Hear the courageous story of one mom's fight to reconcile her multiple...

May 7, 2020

The tales of the last missing chocolate chip cookie caper and thoughts about misplaced privilege.  This one word in the story of Luke 10 caught me off guard and reminded me of something super important that shifted my quiet meditation times this week! Also, I share how trying to stay undistracted in your quiet time just...