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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

May 28, 2020

~ Income generated from the child sex trafficking industry is greater than that of the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB combined.

~ 750,000 pedophiles per second online.

~ 48,000% increase in child porn

~ the only number going down is the age of the children.

In Part 1, Amanda Florczykowski's told the story of her first encounter with a child sex trafficking ring as the stranger yanked Amanda's 3 yr old daughter away from her at the local grocery store. 

In Part 2 we examine the aftermath, the unraveling, the consequences of her path into the world of anti-sex trafficking, learning to deal with the criticism and rejection that comes along with going viral and operating in leadership and what enables her to endure the suffering courageously to this day. 

Hear the courageous story of one mom's fight to reconcile her multiple painful experiences with a good God, educate others about the horrors of human trafficking, face injustice from trusted authorities, survive going viral and walk closely with God & develop intimacy with Him through it all. Learn how to "mother fiercely in a world full of fears." 

Visit to purchase her book "Unraveled" and find other resources to equip parents!

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