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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Jan 30, 2020

LIE #20: "Jesus died for our sins" is the whole message of the cross."  What?? If you're ready to be challenged & fascinated today, check out this podcast with Dr. Andrew Farley and his gift of articulating how small nuances frame the big picture of our lives. He takes simple phrases that many have grown up believing like "Less of him and more of me" or "I die daily" and shows us how they are actually wrong.  His book, Twisted Scripture, uses the Bible to untangle 45 unexpected lies that Christians have been told. 

Hear how to get free from analysis paralysis and why the goal of pleasing God can leave us feeling empty.  What did John the Baptist actually mean when he said "Less of him and more of me"? You'll find out in the next 23 minutes. 

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