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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

May 11, 2018

In this interview with my buddy Thomas Coakley​, we tackle how to get out of the "funk" of your life & find that fire 🔥again, why you should be the small fish in the BIG pond, the importance of leading yourself well before you lead others, overcoming the resistance to move forward in your life, what Thomas believes is one of the most important factors in creating growth, AND the life changing advice he would share with himself at 20 years old!


Here are some of the things we chatted about:

2:35 What he would eat for the rest of his life

3:18 Growing up years

4:36 The effects of growing up fatherless & facing trials

7:36 The power of positivity

10:14 Forces that try to blow out your flame

10:23 Recovering from a season of exhaustion 

11:00 How Thomas got his fire back

12:40 “To be stronger, you have to go against the resistance.” 

14:37 What it takes to lead yourself well before you can lead others

15:16 Finding the things that are holding you back from what your’e supposed to be doing — resistance

15:23 What he’s reading right now

17:05 Humility is a great place to be in….humble beginnings 

17:31 His new humbling journey in the gym

18:00 Be the small fish in the big pond (David & Goliath)

19:22 Life changing advice Thomas would give to his 20 year old self