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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Dec 20, 2018

"God is always present and at work in all aspects of our lives to prepare us for what he has for us at this time in our lives."

Anita had found her forever job in ministry. That is, until earlier this year when she was scooped up in a dramatic transition to a huge international organization in a business role. She is as surprised as anyone to now be operating as Regional Director of the Florida/Puerto Rico Region for Operation Christmas Child. Looking back, Anita can see how God has been preparing her for this unexpected role since she was in high school! I loved this opportunity to draw on Anita's 30+ years of business and ministry experience to chat about what she's learned in walking through this tough transition and her tips for high capacity leaders on how to remain healthy even through life's most unexpected storms. 


Some of the topics we touched on were: 

-Building a legacy

-Hope for a kinder & gentler nation

-The power of influence

-Transition from small ministry to huge int'l organization

-Operation Christmas Child in process/behind the scenes

-3 Lessons she's learned from this challenging transition

-God prepares us and we don't even know it 

-What surprised her most in the new job

-The main thing that helped her through the transition.

-Why it's critical to build relationships right now

-Why every person needs counseling

-Tips for healthy high Capacity Leaders

-Why you need people who will call you out 

-God sees you.

-Songs for hope

-The message on her heart

-Whom we should interview next



Resources mentioned:


Lead Like Jesus by Ken Blanchard & Phil Hodges 

Be Worth Following: How to Be Different and Influence People in a Crowded Social World by Dr. Jennifer Bennett

Song: "Reckless Love" by Cory Asbury 

Song: "Rescue" by Lauren Daigle

Undaunted:Daring to do what God cals you to do by Christine Caine

Unexpected: Leave Fear Behind, Move Forward in Faith, Embrace the Adventure by Christine Caine 

Unashamed: Drop the Baggage, Pick up Your Freedom, Fulfill Your Destiny by Christine Caine