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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Jan 3, 2019

"Trust God all the way. Even when there’s potholes and divots and accidents, you still have to trust God all the way."

What a powerful episode! I was blown away and full on ugly-crying throughout this chat (read: straight up preach) with powerhouse speaker, stylist and transformation specialist Chastity Stemmons! She went so deep into how to discover and develop your true identity, stripping back our masks and self-imposed expectations, and finding strength in the time where you feel all is lost. Not only that, but at the end she shares a blessing for every listener for 2019! I cannot get enough of this episode and I think you'll feel the same.  Hang on time because this episode is a crazy ride!

"Don’t ignore the little nudges that seem like they don’t add up to anything. It’s the simple obedience in God’s plan that is going to lead to greater results in every area of your life."

"I had to get rid of my blog because it was hindering me from hearing God. Even though I was talking about God, I was no longer making a place for God in trying to get a post out."

"Here’s how you know it’s an idol — when God asks you to come from it."


Some of the topics we touched on were: 

-Jesus Cappucino

-How to find out who you really are

-Why you're not a carbon copy

-Steps to living out your destiny

-How to get beyond the mask

-What happens when we keep surface relationships

-Why we need to seek

-Why "I want to be my best self" is inaccurate

-How Peter moved from betrayer into his prophetic destiny

-When internal wars clash with culture

-Why hardest things can sometimes be greatest

-Being in the "Brook of Cherith" place

-How to know the next right move

-Cutting away of what hinders us

-Reward for planting seeds of obedience

-Trusting God

-A 2019 blessing for all listeners and especially entrepreneurs, the ill, & those struggling with infertility


Follow along with Chastity's journey at