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Life Builders By Julie Hamilton

Jul 4, 2019

The bottom line is I almost missed my purpose because I bowed down to fear.  The enemy will thwart most of our destinies because of fear more than anything else.

Global evangelist and anti human trafficking advocate Christine Caine stops by to stir our faith and share her thoughts on why we need to live an "Undaunted" life, how to find the appointment on the other side of disappointment, what our generations are in desperate need of right now, why "overnight success" takes 20 - 30 years, the state of the global church and how fear wants to derail us from our destiny and in her case, almost succeeded. 

Some of other topics we touched on were: 

-her favorite season of parenting

-teamwork makes the dreamwork

-enjoying the journey

-why she updated & rewrote the book "Undaunted"

-daring to do what God calls you to do

-what she's had to overcome

-keys to entering your God given destiny

-how God's work on the inside of us correlates to our outside work

-what happens when we don't quit

-Bible heroes and instagram 

-learning to bear the weight

- the myth of "overnight success"

-what Christine is learning right now

-why it's hard to remain faithful

-how fear almost derailed her destiny

-whom we should interview next

A lot of us never find the God appointment on the other side of disappointment because we quit along the way.

If we could understand how exceptional the God who lives within us is, we would have a lot more faith to do what God’s called us to do!

Follow Christine Caine's journey on any social media channel at Christine Caine!

Here are resources we mentioned in this episode: 

"Undaunted: Daring to Do What God calls you to Do" by Christine Caine

Propel Women

A21 Campaign

Walk for Freedom